That feeling that makes you believe you are on top of the world. That you are so light that bubbles will feel heavy.


Everybody wants it. Very few people get it.


How to be the conductor of your own amazing life adventure.

What is happyness?

Happiness is a lens through which you approach life. Pursuing happiness by looking outward is approaching the problem backwards. All it requires is some honest introspection and refocusing your lens. You are in charge of your own happiness.

You are in control, and you are your life’s own storyteller.

Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey, and it starts with YOU!

Welcome to the universe

India’s first happiness measurement tool is a proprietary tool that measures the happiness quotient of Corporates and its people.

Our goal is to help organisations create a Happyness Journey and enable them with the tool to visualise their company culture and implement strategies to create a happy flourishing working environment.

Using behavioural psychology, neuroscience, and data-analytics, with inputs from experts in the field, combined with our team’s extensive experience leading large-scale operations, we have developed a unique proprietary service to measure happiness quotient within an organisation and to provide customised solutions that empower leaders and inspire teams.

You are in charge of your own happiness. You are in control; and you are your life’s own storyteller.


Measuring how your people feel

How your people 'feel' is just as important as how they 'think'.

We provide data-driven strategies that empower organisations to build happier and emotionally-connected workplaces. Using a three-step approach, we begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment to analyse how your people are feeling. The insights from this assessment are then used to identify key drivers of happiness to focus on, through periodic Happyness Audits. Our team works closely with you to devise multifaceted evidence-based solutions that leverage the data generated periodically through our assessment tools.

Through an iterative process over two years, we help you seed happiness within your organisation, thus creating a flourishing workplace with high productivity and profits.

Happy People + Involved Leadership = Flourishing Workplace = High Productivity

Let us show you the path towards creating a people-first work culture!

People Voice 24x7

Our People Voice 24x7 is a comprehensive pre-designed measurement tool that bridges communication gaps, allowing leaders and teams to stay connected with how their people feel.

Given these difficult times, we have made our People Voice 24x7 measurement tool freely available. Test it out to get a preliminary feel of our proprietary measurement and assessment technology and in-depth insights.

We also offer People Voice 24x7 PLUS which includes an enhanced feature set such as multi-lingual capability, enhanced filter reporting and benchmarking; as part of our paid services.

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