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Welcome to our cutting-edge, neuro-analytical SaaS platform - the multilingual solution designed to measure your organization's unique Happyness Quotient. Take a deep dive into the Well-being and Involvement levels of your employees and elevate their overall employee experience.

Prioritizing happyness boosts productivity, cultivates collaboration, and drives success and fosters retention. Infuse happyness into your organization with the help of real-time data and a personalised human touch to result in actionable insights on the key drivers of employee happyness.

decoding human behaviour to drive success

Building emotionally intelligent workforces

Attrition, failure to collaborate, and lack of self-motivation are all directly linked to human emotions. In the modern world, it is vital to understand how different employee groups truly feel. Leverage scientific rigor, technology and human experience in a manually mined insight presentation to capture how your people think and feel.

"Position yourself to do things that will spread cheer in your organisation. Happy people will create the energy to propel your organisation to greater heights."

Raj Nayak

happyness is not one-sided

Embracing a collaborative business approach

Achieving sustained happyness at the workplace demands joint ownership which can only be achieved through introspection and self-awareness. Understand what your employees value, whether their need is being fulfilled and if their behaviour aligns with the same, helping you Identify where the gap lies by understanding what your employees value, whether their needs are being fulfilled and if their behaviour aligns with the same. Personalized reports for each individual along with our comprehensive Knowledge Hub will equip your people with the tools and information needed to nurture their happyness and overall fulfillment in the workplace.

"The understanding between an organization & its members is always a two way street. Both the organization & its members share responsibility in fostering mutual understanding & maintaining a productive dynamic"

Harsh Mariwala

happyness is the key to your company's growth

Feeling good matters as much as being good.

With plenty of evidence proving the benefits of happyness in all spheres of life, not making it central to our workplace would be a missed opportunity. From an increase in productivity and creativity to a lowered rate of absenteeism, happy employees have a direct impact on a company's bottom line and profits.

Happiest Places to Work Certification

Stand Out as an Employer of Choice

We dive deep into organizational cultures to identify happy places to work using Happyness Quotient as the metric that we measure using our proprietary model backed by science and data. On meeting the qualifying score, you'll be eligible to be certified as one of the Happiest Places to Work!

Become a part of a prestigious community and gain credible recognition amongst your peers, helping you boost your brand and your efforts towards making your organization a happier workplace!


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