Happiness at Work
How Happy is India's Workforce?

How Happy is India’s Workforce? This study provides a deep understanding into the factors that make India’s workforce happy. While HR leaders and business owners face challenges such as The Great Resignation; decode the future of work and manage productivity levels across a multi-generational workforce. The findings of this report aim to provide a sense of direction towards the solution to these problems, a happy workforce!


Happyness™ through the
lens of Neuroscience

Emotions are nothing but translations of our brain’s activities. To fully decrypt those translations, neuroscience leads our way. Through this book, get familiarized with neuroscience and step into how it guides us to study our brain. Finally, understand its role in enhancing your organization’s happiness by tapping into its unrealized potential.


The Little Book of Happyness™

Our Little Book of Happyness™ is your hand-holding guide to take you over the intricately designed framework, backed by neuroscience. We invite you to take the leap and transform your organization’s culture into a happier, healthier, and hence, more flourishing one.


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