about us

We are a global community of domain experts, driven by the same passion to revolutionise the way businesses are dealing with their most important and precious resource - their people.

Our team consists of psychologists, data scientists, human resource professionals, neuroscientists and business leaders. We together bring a happiness system to create flourishing work cultures.

advisory board


    A highly acclaimed clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, organisational consultant, B.P.S committee chairperson, educator and examiner. Professor Zenobia has worked for four decades in the field of mental health for NHS and social service, UK. She is a recipient of the prestigious Member of the British Empire Award by Prince William at the Buckingham Palace, for her services to people with learning disabilities and mental health treatment.


    A clinical psychologist and licensed professional counsellor, Nitika is a strong advocate of mental health and wellness. Starting as a Biomedical engineer she completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, two master’s degrees in psychology and mental health services from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and a Master’s in management.


    Sameera is a health researcher with expertise in leveraging survey design & data analytics to better understand the human experience. She is an author on several peer-reviewed publications on mental health in pediatric and adult populations. She has an MA in clinical psychology from Columbia University and a BA in psychology from UCLA.

global team of experts


    A clinical psychologist, certified NLP Practitioner and a people oriented person. Ayesha is a well-being enthusiast and an animal lover. She believes her core values of authenticity and empathy guide her work.


    A keen and analytical mind, driven by an intuitive sense of logic, Deepak has three decades of technical and commercial experience. He leverages technology and innovation across platforms; with a diverse business network. A proud father, deep reader, fitness and sports enthusiast, enjoyer of visual arts, music buff and foodie.


    Jackie is Human Experience Director at The Happiness Index with over 20 years of experience in roles that help make a difference to people in the workplace. She’s held countless global workshops at the C-suite level to facilitate strategic change related to employee behaviours. Jackie is experienced in mentoring and coaching leadership communities to help encourage cultural change.


    As Head of Robots, Matt is responsible for product development and innovation. He’s featured in “Google Analytics Breakthrough” as an expert in the innovative use of Analytics and he's spoken at several conferences in the Data and Analytics space. Matt has always worked in the Data and Analytics space and been a student of AI and Machine Learning.


    A culture evangelist, content enthusiast and an explorer at heart, Karuna is an organizational psychologist and a trained coach. She believes in the power of human potential and is passionate about helping people realize it.


    Matt is a Co-Founder and Head of Global Happiness at the Happiness Index. He is responsible for the global expansion of the business. Matt is founder of The Happiness and Humans Community, host of The Happiness and Humans Podcast and author of the published book Freedom to Be Happy: The Business Case for Happiness (available on Amazon)


    Radhika Palkar is a practising Chartered Accountant for over 8 years, specialising in the fields of corporate audits, virtual CFO services for SMEs, business data analysis and certification for overseas remittances. Her notable experience was with Price Waterhouse where she has spent over 3 years performing audits and limited review assignments of various listed and private companies.


    A tech geek, news buff, content freak and policy wonk. Ikigai follower and wannabe Zen practitioner. Rajneil is a former Googler, who also publishes and is an US Dept of State IVLP Fellow.


    A fearless leader, happyness catalyst and eternal optimist, Namrata believes in empowering people to think deep and go beyond in life. With over 20+ years of growing businesses across leading media platforms, Namrata is known to define the ‘new normal’ in every context she has chosen to be in. Great conversations and her two amazing kids make her happy.


    A diligent data scientist, silent visualizer and an enthusiastic programmer. Shabbaz loves to analyse data using different models to furnish valuable insights. A food freak, he loves to cook and knows all about the best places to eat in town.


    An educator and a believer in the concept of one world, a border less world of humanity. Sukriti believes in the immense power of dialogue through her art. Her mission in life is to encourage and empower people.


    Head of Happiness Innovation - Tony's role is to invent new ways for companies to listen to their people and visualise the insight they receive. He has over 13 years of experience in growing companies (including IPC Media and AXA), working in new business acquisition and managing teams.


    When she is not working, she is listening to music, reading a book, or experimenting with her culinary skills in the kitchen. She has been the lifeline of every organisation she has worked in, having served as Executive Assistant to many high profile CEO’S for over two decades. The backbone of House of Cheer, she is passionate, committed, warm and personifies happyness.


    A digital native and a marketing professional with a creative bent of mind. An MBA from NMIMS Mumbai. A true MSD fan, loves his music, TV shows and food. He believes in a minimalistic way of life.


    A visionary leader, media maverick, growth spinner, trendsetter and a motivational powerhouse, Raj has led businesses for over three decades. His unique prowess to pioneer new concepts and mentor people, make him one of the most respected professionals. An advocate of happyness, Raj derives his energy from people across all walks of life and believes in the strength of diversity.