Society, and the workplace, are rapidly evolving - physical wellbeing is more important than ever in helping us stay resilient and be able to meet the challenges of the day head-on.

Employee wellbeing is related to optimizing the health of all employees. Not only physical wellbeing but also overall wellbeing is important to maintain well-functioning individuals and employees. Employee wellbeing nowadays is more than just the absence of illness among employees.

Employee wellbeing is more important now than ever before because of the following benefits-

  • Reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs 
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Improved employee morale 
  • Attractive employer branding to attract the best staff for work.

How can Companies Improve Their Employees’ Wellbeing?

Health screening -once every year is a great way for the employees to address some health issues they might have. Also, it significantly increases the chances of preventing diseases as they might be caught at an early stage. 

Health insurance - is a benefit that should be provided to employees. 

Gym membership -A few hours of aerobic and non-aerobic exercise not improves brain function, but also preserve it as one ages. Intangible benefits like self-esteem and confidence make it a great wellbeing benefit for employees.

Employee wellbeing solutions – Company funded initiatives like marathons or bike races boost physical health and nurtures team spirit.

Providing healthy meals - in their cafeteria or negotiating discounts for restaurants with healthy food options will help employees stay healthy and more focused in the workplace

Employees on their part should drink in moderation, stay hydrated and get a good night’s sleep.

As a most traditional part of employee wellbeing, physical wellbeing encompasses prevention or curing physical illnesses. Many companies offer fitness incentives or gym memberships to their employees to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent the development of multiple illnesses. 

A productive workplace encourages employee and employer wellbeing.