Creating And Maintaining A Happy Work Culture

Employees can sometimes feel dejected at work for various reasons, ranging from personal to work-related. At work, it could be as simple as a lack of recognition within the organisation. This can lower morale, bring in negative emotions and feelings of insecurity and sometimes, even trigger depression and hopelessness.

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Let Good Thoughts And Feelings Dominate Your Mind

Workplace culture is ever-evolving, even impacted by global circumstances such as the coronavirus pandemic. We are witnessing this shift in work culture to a hybrid style of working.

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Involvement versus Engagement: Measures to Boost Happiness at work

Involvement and engagement are an integral part of an organisation’s growth. An involved employee plays an active role in the running of the organisation, trying to then bring change by taking up initiatives, actively participate, and take ownership.

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Upholding employee satisfaction has proven to be a key element in the formula for reducing employee turnover. Employers conventionally believe that offering competitive pay and strong benefits incentivizes workers and rewards them for their effort.

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