Maintaining a group of people within a closed environment can be stressful. This is because each human has an individual personality and certain differences in their view of life and work can sometimes lead to conflicts with others. Every entrepreneur envisions a perfect office environment with very few issues, but the reality can be different. The workplace can find itself becoming increasingly uncooperative if a member feels like they are subject to a combative environment.

To maintain unity among office members, it is necessary to make them accept the behavioural and cultural changes among other members. Diversity is conventionally thought of as an issue limited to gender and race, contrary to this belief it extends its roots into characteristics, religious beliefs and disability. As a leader, it is your responsibility to understand each member and create an environment that makes them feel safe, with a sense of belonging. 

To create such an environment, members of the team must have open minds. It is natural for colleagues to break out and have arguments about their diverse factors like feminism, racism, and sexuality. But it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to take those discussions positively. To develop the mindset of employees, they should understand what inclusion is and how to work on diversity. 

Supporting rules

As an entrepreneur, you must perceive and appreciate situations that might make the members feel included. Offering maternity leave for the women employees with full support, acting as a mentor for workers who have trouble in inclusion, and handling negative situations with strict actions are some inclusion ideas. Entrepreneurs must place rules that offer strict action against inappropriate humour and harmful language. Remember, it is unnecessary to be a strict entrepreneur, rather just try to understand the distinct needs of your employees. Be reassuring of their decisions and empower them with the freedom to express their talents. 

Mentoring role 

Take up your role as a mentor and guide employees with potential, who may be under-represented. For example, certain group members might be suppressed by other members due to their egoistic characteristics and tendencies. Perhaps also create a diversity video that makes fellow team members understand that ignoring them will not facilitate their team. When employees have the necessary passion to improve their capabilities and activities, with the support of a mentor, they feel propelled to work harder. 

Issue a rule or statement

Recently Pinterest's CEO created a support group titled 'Black Lives Matter’. Rather than just talking about such issues, he took an affirmative action that might speak volumes more than other ideas. As an entrepreneur, create a perfect guide and rule to develop inclusions and open discussion - with the members explaining diversity and inclusion in the workplace, in detail. 

All these ideas are indispensable and depending upon the office’s situation, you may have to also create a few new ideas pertinent to your organisation. Conditions will always be varied and so, it is the job of an entrepreneur to identify, rise to the challenge and meet them.