Have you ever thought about why people gravitate towards meditation than a vigorous workout at the gym? This is because meditation reduces stress and alleviates mental issues, along with cleansing the body. The cleansing of one’s mind is an equally imperative task for employees nowadays. However, not every entrepreneur is healthy – in fact, some entrepreneurs who masquerade a healthy appearance on the outside might have specific mental issues caused by stress.

As claimed by the National Institute of Mental Health in a conducted survey, about 72% of entrepreneurs are victims of mental health issues. This rubs off onto their family members too, who face the effects of this stress, which cannot always be compartmentalised. If you have a close family member or relative in business, you might understand the nature of this problem. Some people cannot snap out of ‘business mode’ even during vacation. So, it is always beneficial for such people to be open about their mental health and seek help, in order to enjoy their lives. 

Certain factors might contribute to poor mental health – so, firstly acknowledging them and finding proper solutions on time, will surely reduce them. Catching it early is also critical, to avoid it becoming a severe problem in future.


Mankind from inception, has traditionally preferred living in a tribe or community – essentially because by nature we like to live among relatives and well-wishers, rather than being and living alone. However, the world today has forced many people to be live life singly, regardless of being married or not married. To elaborate, many entrepreneurs are often so engrossed and consumed by their business, that they have little to no quality time at home. This can lead to loneliness, and it is important to address their loneliness by visiting a psychologist regularly to take stock and ensure it is not severe. It is crucial to acknowledge the detriment one is put through as a consequence of solitude. Keeping things or people that you love near, can also provide solace and help avoid mental-health related issues. It does not matter whether it is an object or person – having them near you can help escape the stress of loneliness too. 


Leadership and its responsibilities can cause significant mental issues among entrepreneurs. Besides relying on one another within a business environment, developing a partnership with certain people to share your emotions is also beneficial. It requires a strong leadership quality to expose your feelings in a raw state to another person – being vulnerable is actually acceptable. You can also choose social media sites to express your internal battles, letting your industry and the world know about your issues. By recognising and understanding your problems, your employees will learn that their own anxiety is quite normal and not limited to their purview. Expressing the extent of your problems will allow your employees to empathize with you. To be more specific, a mental health battle is not restricted to a single person. Sharing them reduces issues and brings confidence – sometimes the best medicine or treatment for your problems. 

Fear of failure

Every entrepreneur is fearful of failures in their career, but if you look at some of the best entrepreneurs in the world, you will notice that their business endeavours might have faced rejections before succeeding. So, if you give in to your fear, it will grow and you are unknowingly feeding it. Be open and frank about your worries. Have regular meetings to ensure that you have tried your best before implementing the project. Approaching your issues with confidence will often triumph feeding into the fear of rejection. This would in turn encourage your colleagues to be honest about their internal battles, which will help in the overall betterment of the organisation.

Most entrepreneurs may seem energetic and motivated on the outside, but they can be fragile inside. So as a CEO or a business owner, you must acknowledge your issues and choose proper treatments to better the organisation.