Life – Freedom to be happy

Freedom and happiness are closely knitted and all of us feel happy from the freedom to make choices and pursue them. Once released from the stresses of life, that freedom leads to happiness.

True happiness is the ultimate feeling of freedom. Attention to the inner voice, trust in your choices, and not allowing to be dictated by the traditional benchmark, will lead you to a life of happiness.

Personal freedom has to be self-regulated, depending on how one defines the boundaries of one's freedom and non-interference with the freedom of another.

There are many commonalities of freedom that most individuals, including the millennial generation, agree upon as essential to happiness. 

There are four most important aspects, common to all, that link freedom and happiness. The topmost all individuals aspire from bondage would be health and wellbeing. Holistic health is very important for experiencing freedom and happiness.

Freedom of choice: It is a wider subject and covers all aspects of choices, very intrinsic to any person and his choices. For today’s young generation, choosing a fulfilling career is very important.

The freedom of choice about education and career has to be addressed as the world becomes more competitive and parental expectations become a source of stress for the entire family. The freedom to choose one's subject of study and mold them into interesting careers is a cherished one and aspired by all. Give the youth the freedom to choose and be happy and successful.

Freedom of expression: Family or work environments which do not allow individuals to be themselves are impediments to progress and restrict happiness. Freedom is possible with a change in the attitude of everyone who imposes restrictions. Every person seeks the freedom to express himself and feel happy. All individuals have to be empowered to express themselves without stepping on any other’s individual freedom zone or disturbing society at large. Only with free expression are new ideas and a new way to living and understanding life and becoming happy are discovered

Freedom from gender-based discrimination- Discrimination of all kinds creates negative feelings and freedom from discrimination based on gender, caste or class is a desirable goal. To be original and get rewarded for your hard work is very important. To overcome bias and constant evaluation and have the freedom to make choices and be respected for them, are crucial to empowerment and true freedom.

Thus, the desired freedom to be happy is unique, personal, and at times a group feeling. The freedom to be happy is possible by accepting ourselves and others as they are & wish to be, free from earning, family, and societal pressures.