In today’s organizations, where the bottom line is most important, we feel pressure to suppress our values and accept the values of the organization. Sometimes, people we trust, advise us to conform. In some organizations, which place value on group harmony, the pressure to conform is even greater. This makes us feel uncomfortable, and we experience more depression. We become less engaged and less committed to our organization, and thoughts of resigning hover in the mind 

We taste authenticity — when we live as per our values and perspectives—we feel good. We feel less depressed, are satisfied with life, and are completely devoted to our jobs.

Authenticity requires psychological safety. If an environment has a threatening environment, we’ll tend to conform to feel a degree of protection. The psychological safety created in an authentic workplace was the determining factor in why certain teams outperformed others since found that the sense of respect, acceptance, and trust contributed largely to higher levels of performance. 

Authenticity depends not only on our thought process but on others, also. It is a personalized journey and varies from individual to individual.  

Authenticity inspires loyalty and engagement. People come closer to those who exhibit self-confidence, passion, and trustworthiness. When you're being your whole self at work, you'll boast a level of dignity that will inspire your team to follow your lead.

Why authenticity at work is so important?

  • With authenticity, your work your interests, skills, and values, all align together. Your career will excite you and challenges will engage you and give you happiness and satisfaction.
  • When you are true to yourself, it will allow you to speak with confidence, without restraint, and make sound decisions quickly, based on your internal standpoint. 
  • When you’re truthful with others, they are more likely to open up and do the same with you – creating true connections with those around you.
  • Being your original self at work will allow you to follow what you enjoy. It will leave you feeling motivated and eager to achieve success too.
  • For a leader, authenticity is the key.

Aligning your career with your authentic self

Being your authentic self at work one has to know himself. To be authentic at work needs some level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Know yourself, be authentic, give your best output to your organization and be happy.