Happiness and the Workplace: The Future of Better Living

Research has proven that happiness has a lasting impact on our daily lives. In the ever-evolving world of today, happiness at home and at the workplace has gained immense significance.

So, let us explore what happiness is all about. It is understood as a state of pleasurable feelings.  It enhances a person with positive emotions such as contentment, gratitude, and inspiration; providing comfort and hope too.

In the pursuit of happiness, our workplace plays a pivotal role. A place where we spend a healthy chunk of our time - it is estimated we spend a third of our life at work. The workplace shapes our overall personality and growth, while also bringing structure to our identity.

Building a good workplace culture ultimately provides employee contentment and happiness. This leads to increased productivity.

Various aspects influence happiness at work. What are they?

Knowing and enjoying doing the given tasks (being in flow)

Being surrounded by positive and encouraging people

Monetary benefits from the organisation

When acknowledgment and respect is given at the workplace

Feeling motivated to learn and improve skills

All the above help in establishing a flourishing workplace, with successful and happy employees in the organisation. They improve performance and allow an improved quality of life.

The significance of happiness at the workplace has only increased over the past few years, with emerging new positions within organisations. Organisations strive to make their employees productive and happy; making job satisfaction crucial to achieving long-term goals which can then bring true happiness to individuals.

An organisation becomes far more efficient and functional when tasks are done with enjoyment, rather than out of compulsion. This shift from compulsion to working with pleasure enables one to focus on solving problems with enthusiasm.

Happiness at the workplace brings:

Motivation amongst employees

Develops positive attitude

Enhances creative thinking

Maintains work-life balance

Instils punctuality

A healthy life leads to happiness – ever wondered why?

Let us now delve into this aspect of holistic wellbeing. While it is an integral part of human existence, we cannot eliminate stress – but we can learn to deal with it and overcome it. Most lifestyle disorders are usually linked to a stressful life. Leading a healthy life - when the mind and body are healthy - helps sustain an elevated and uplifted attitude within oneself. This approach automatically relieves stress, and sustained happiness releases bountiful energy from within.

Some of the benefits of a healthy life are:

Increased immunity

Better coping mechanisms at work

Enhanced ability to give your best shot

Boosts mood by releasing happy hormones

Reduction of pain

What else can happiness bring to your workplace?

In a state of optimum wellbeing, resulting from happiness at workplace, it can further help in:

Building good relationships

Preventing loneliness or isolation

Developing a positive attitude, leading one to be innovative too

Becoming an inspiration to team members

Desire to share happiness with others and make the workplace fun to be in

Globally, countries are now focussing more on a better work-life balance, with an aim to boost happiness. Not only in the workplace, happiness in employees also helps develop a better societal approach and sense of community, through good interactive goals. It reduces egocentric and unhealthy competition at work, while bring about an ethical and positive approach to life too.

Hence happiness at the workplace is the essence of good living. We should focus on the true tenets of happiness such as gratitude, contentment, and optimism. Achieving happiness at the workplace leads to the wellbeing of the community too.