Talents of different kinds is embedded in every human. The reality, however, is that some people are forced into a job they are not interested in, to support their lifestyle. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must perform the job you love the most. Oprah Winfrey initially worked as a newsreader, but the show did not express her authenticity in that field. So, the TV network shifted her to a talk show format, within her contractual arrangement. Oprah is now an extremely successful talk show host, with a large global following. In order to lead an organisation and a good team, authenticity has to be an intrinsic value. With some guidelines, an entrepreneur can maintain the integrity of his authenticity.

Love your work

It does not matter whether it is a small job, or a large one. The business you are leading should be your area of interest and not a forced one. In particular instances, people take over a business by virtue of being a family heir, but it is not a given that they are interested or passionate in the running of the business – they may not have their heart in it. So whichever business or job you choose to engage in, make sure that your heart is in it – if you love it, you will commit and work for it 100% - mentally and physically. This approach allows you to create sustainable links and potent connections with customers and suppliers. 

Along with your love for the job, it is imperative that the people working for you interested and love their job, too. They should have a joint passion for the products or service you create, while also being able to contribute and brainstorm to yield useful ideas. 

Recognise your weaknesses

When Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook to the world, he felt his core strength was coding and that he was not fit for other roles in the business. So, he hired experienced and seasoned professionals who took care of everything for him. The success and growth of Facebook is evident the world over now. So, if you are looking to succeed in life, it is necessary to first identify and then establish your weakness, accepting them with pride. Being an infallible leader is not quite possible – hence, the best option is to be open-minded and call-in experts when required. Allow your team members to take the lead wherever needed, for a successful project. 


Most modern entrepreneurs are conquering the old (unhealthy) habit of being distanced from shopfloor-level employees. A successful entrepreneur is one who is committed to and works towards building authentic relationships with all his or her employees – thereby creating a personal bond, which can also help during times of need. Also, communication is a two-way street. Apart from you communicating with your employees, they should also communicate with each other comfortably and hence having an authentic relationship with your employees is the key to running a successful organisation. Successful entrepreneurs establish and preserve authentic connections with customers and suppliers, as well.

So, in short, authenticity is an integral and essential part of leading a business with structured management and productivity.