In current times, we spend a major portion of our lives, in-office and with the introduction of longer hours, the office has become the most natural place to find a partner. We may get close to someone who shows understanding, patience and becomes a friend and later a prospective life partner. In the workplace, you are assured that the person whom you might fall in love with has the same interest and passion. Moreover, the other person whom you love may also be looking for a person just like you.

However, organizations have been critical of such relationships, feeling that it may jeopardize their bottom line and disturb the office culture. It is, nowadays, felt that interoffice relationships strengthen the commitment of both partners to the organization and increase productivity and happiness. Romance at work is natural as no one can prevent people from falling in love with another and it is legally also acceptable.

As normal humans, our relationships with other people are vital to our mental and emotional wellbeing, and really, our survival. A strong, positive relationship between any two people who love, support, encourage and help each other practically as well as emotionally, is possible.

84% of employees between 18-29 years are open to the possibility of engaging in an inter-office relationship compared to 36% of employees between 30-46 years and 29% employees between 47-66 years. Of the youngest employees, 71% are convinced of the positive vibes of engaging in these extra-curricular activities. 

Meaningful romantic relationships increase productivity at work. We all tend to work harder when we are happy and spend a greater amount of time trying to help each other resolve work issues which directly impact their enjoyment as well as the performance at work.

Having a close, personal connection with another member of staff certainly increases the collective desire to remain employed with the company.

Engaging with someone on a romantic level, who is intimately familiar with your work environment, can assist you with a great deal of insight and assistance as regards your job and, ultimately, your career. The job advice offered by your partner is a more valuable exercise due to familiarity with the circumstances and personalities involved. Additionally, if both partners are in the same industry, the possibility of career growth also increases.

The positive effects a healthy romantic relationship has on both partners are immense. It helps walk you through issues like social anxiety or depression.

Romance at work is bound to happen, considering long working hours, the association between colleagues, commonality, empathy, understanding, and bonding. This may lead to increased productivity and loyalty to the company. However, the relationship has to be informed to the management and all colleagues so that the office environment is not vitiated and the new relationship brings joy and happiness to all.