Saloni Suri

The choices we make determine our life’s experiences and our brain is hard-wired to always protect us and keep us safe within our comfort zone. Is this a loop that sometimes keeps us stuck? Yes, it is. 

Understanding the language of the mind and working with our brain to focus on our goals is what Coach Saloni loves to teach. She has rewired over 2000+ people across different walks of life. 

She uses neuroscience-based models of change infused with spiritual wisdom as her key modalities of shifting mindsets. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations to support them to communicate their purpose and provides them with effective tools to help them move towards their desired goals. 

Her professional coaching journey started at 48 yrs and her quest to study how to rewire the mind started at age 15. She has been an environmental activist, journalist, brand communications consultant, author, speaker, energy medicine teacher, and mindfulness practitioner. Her journey however is ongoing, as our life’s movie is in production till the end of time. 

signature programs

Advanced Communications Skills Program

8 hour workshop

It is hard to think of any activity that does not involve active communication from you in some way. Our ability to communicate effectively with others professionally and personally defines our experiences of the event and situation. 

The communication principles that you will learn in this workshop have been used by successful men and women throughout history. They are time-tested and have helped thousands achieve breakthrough success in their careers, generate greater wealth for themselves, improve their relationships and live a life of fulfillment and happiness. 

The workshop design will enable you to follow a guideline and template that you can use in your everyday life to take you closer to your desired goals. 

Active participation and an honest inward perspective will help you to gain maximum value from this workshop. 

The premise of this program rests on three neuroscience-based facts: 

  • Our thoughts govern our communications 
  • Our brain is malleable and can be changed to align with our goals 
  • The precision with which a thought is released in the quantum field will determine where it will land 

What will you learn: 

Part I

  • Neuroscience of communications: 10 brain facts that determine our ability to build relationships and do business 
  • We will do a psycho geometric test & a communications skills self-assessment to help you identify your style of communication 

Part II 

  • We focus on techniques you may use to overcome the fear of failure and fear of being judged by other people while communicating 
  • 45 % of the time in a day is spent in listening – yes, we will be working on sharpening this very underrated skill set. 

Ignite the Power Within - The BFSI way - for Women

8 hour workshop

The goal of this 1-day BFSI workshop is to help women ignite the power that lies within their hearts and mind. These are Brave, Fearless, Strong, and Innovative women who place a high value on the quality of their lives at their workplace and pay close attention to the impact of their contributions in their personal and professional lives. 

This 1- day workshop is aimed to help women:

  • Understand and identify their self-limiting beliefs 
  • Build an awareness towards identifying their inbuilt programs 
  • Move beyond their limitations to take ownership and responsibility of their career growth and mindset 

The mental models that we live by define our ability to show resilience and bravery in moments of pressure and anxiety. No person is born with fears, we learn them. Understanding the genesis of our fears is critical to taking steps forward to overcoming them. Balancing the power that comes with position and expertise is critical to staying strong in decision making and negotiating on projects and deals that we make.  Innovation is a skill set available to a mind at peace.  In this ever changing VUCA world, when we maintain a positive, happy & growth-oriented mind-set, it’s possible that innovative ideas will come by. 

Post this workshop motivated, willing and open- minded participants shall walk away with a new sense of being. The 8 hours are truly explosive, highly interactive and transformational. 

  • Coach Saloni will be using neuroscience tools to explain the belief genesis.  
  • Real life stories of BFSI women across the globe, role plays and 5 techniques to move forward will be shared. 
  • The workshop closes with a healing meditation. 

Neuroscience of Goal Setting

8 hour workshop

Our brain is a goal-seeking machine. It needs certainty at all times to function at peak capacity.  Whenever we are certain of the outcome of our actions we stay motivated to complete the task. 

Fear is the antithesis of motivation and it is also very real. Fear literally shuts the brain down. 

Goals help us stay centered – and focused on the task at hand, they are the fuel in the furnace of success. They are like a GPS system that are installed within our minds and they guide us on a day-to-day basis to lead a happy life. 

In this workshop you will learn about: 

  • The chemical transformation that happens in our body when we set goals 
  • We will delve into the goal-setting formulae that works
  • You will begin to work on the 7 principles that help build iron-clad habits that take us closer to our goals 
  • There are 3 pit stops that we have to conquer – you will use the principles to navigate your way through 


actual workshop

Goal setting, Advanced Communication Skills and Ignite the fire workshop pictures 




Words of recommendation from Saloni's happy clients.

Saloni Suri brings in the “discovery” of the person in the most organic manner. It almost does not feel like a cliché leadership workshop. At the end the experience is overwhelming. Thank you for bringing in the start to mindset transformation.

Esha Nagar, Managing Director - Nepa India

The Goal Setting workshop really helped refocus our attention on the importance of setting and monitoring progress towards goals. It helped the team set tangible targets while ensuring a buy-in through the process. I would recommend it to any organization that needs to re-energize its team and look at objectives and constraints with a different lens. Thanks Saloni for being a wonderful facilitator and coach.

Siddharth Bafna, Partner and Head, Corporate Finance, Lodha Capital Markets

In my 15 yrs of work experience, I have attended several trainings & workshops, but this was the only workshop that is result oriented. It does not end after the training has ended. It is actually a new beginning and makes sure that we reach our goals by tracking / group & team leading us to success. It was a life changing experience for me.

Lata Pande, Sales Support and Administration, BillerudKorsnäs

A very enriching and eye-opening Communication skills program, Saloni shared many different concepts which can be used in daily life.

Shaishav Hathi, Vice President HDFC Ban

It was a practical and mind opening leadership workshop. It encouraged me to go to my deepest core while at the same time gave me a bird’s eye view of my team. My biggest lesson however has been to build habits for my organization. Thank you for adding new words to the Schbang dictionary.

Harshil Karia, Founder, Schbang

A very positive and clear workshop on communication skills. Doesn’t restrict to the literal meaning of the subject, but goes beyond and Saloni structures the workshop to suit the group. It touched real life, and we can co-relate to the situations we face in real life.

Usha Nagarajan, Sr Vice President and Head Liabilities Operations, HDFC Bank

This is a very relevant and life-changing workshop. It really forces you to think about what you want and where you are heading. The Importance of beliefs. How to break away from the loops of fear and be mindful of things we want. This is what makes all the difference. This is the first time I did meditation and it was a very calming experience for me. This is the first time we spent 8 hours without touching our phone. Unbelievable.

Sourabh P. Shroff, Associate Technical Manager, EMTEC

I am really grateful to be a part of this powerful and super insightful workshop By Coach Saloni. The workshop really helped me get more clarity on my goals. I have been truly experiencing an amazing shift in my mindset with all the techniques taught during the course of this workshop. The golden hour and the journaling technique is a total game changer and it has already started working like magic. The workshop did really "Rewire My Brain".

Saumya Modi, Co-Founder & Design Director, Mulmul