Himanshu Shekhar

Himanshu Shekhar is a Transformation Coach with an overall experience of 23 yrs.

While he works with the corporate on Transforming their Business as well as Leadership potential following the world-renowned theories on Leadership, he also works with individuals as a Transformational Coach to enhance their potential. 

His ability to inspire and connect with the audience is amazing. He has successfully handled and created powerful & lasting impacts through Leadership interventions for middle and senior management. His clients include banks & financial institutions, Insurance companies, IT & ITES, SMEs. He is one of the leading trainers on Women Leadership (D & I) as well.

He is certified on Belbin Team roles® , Mayer's Brigg Type Indicator, (pursuing- Workplace big 5) and has attended many workshops such as Self-Hypnosis, Silva Mind Control, Train The Trainer, Coaching (Coaching & Leadership International- Canada), Facilitation skills etc. 

signature programs


4 Days


The objective of this program is to move from chaos to clarity of thoughts. The program also aims at identifying the bigger picture of life, recognizing individual strengths, formulating strategies to win, and identifying and achieving milestones to success.


The process involves defining the purpose of life, identifying participants’ personality traits, overcoming roadblocks to success, creating a successful strategy, and creating an action plan to achieve that.


  • Participants can expect to gain clarity of purpose and impetus to growth with this program. 
  • They will get a better understanding of themselves and will be able to overcome roadblocks to success. 
  • The program will also help them to create an action plan of personal and professional growth.


7 Days


The objective of this program is to help people have breakthrough in thinking. The program aims at shaking people up and help them get up from their deep slumber. The program is for those who feel stuck in life and wish to create a new way of looking at life.  


The process involves exploring life in its entirety and looking at life from a new angle. Each day has a theme and the person is encouraged to look at each day in that light and see what new can be created around that.   


  • Participants can expect to look closely at their deep-rooted beliefs and how they are impacting life. 
  • They will get a fresh perspective of life and will be able to see that their life is completely their responsibility.  
  • The program will also help them to create an internal shift in thinking and feeling leading to different results. 


showreel YouTube Credits: Himanshu Shekhar

Close your eyes and think about people who often complain and crib about what is missing in their Life? Now think of those people who always find happiness in small things around them and always talk positive. Which of these two people will you choose to be around with? Which of these are you? Are you enjoying and exaggerating happiness in your life? Anyone who constantly operates from this space of fullness and gratitude of Life will only end up attracting more of it in life. That’s one secret that can really change one’s life around. How much gratitude do you often feel about your Life will determine what is happening in your life right now? 


actual workshop

Watch Himanshu in action. His ability to inspire and connect with the audience is amazing. He has successfully handled and created powerful & lasting impacts through Leadership interventions for middle and senior management. 




Words of recommendation from Himanshu's happy clients.

Himanshu has got the ability to bring deep-rooted behavioural changes, which can transform leaders for greater business success.

Reetu Raina, Chief HR Officer - Quick Heal

Himanshu's strength is in simplifying complex situations and offering solutions that are practical and measurable.

Joy Banerjee, Head - HR IL&FS, Energy Development Company Limited

Himanshu brings his own special flavour of holistic learning to all his sessions. He has the ability to build an engaging transparent environment into the session that allows people to explore gaps and commit to working on outcomes.

Manjiri Narayan, Head - L&D, Thermax Global

I have known Himanshu Shekhar for the last 15 years and during our professional interactions l have also found him to be sincere, dedicated, enthusiastic and he has this special quality of being cool in all situations.

Eustace D Costa, Trainer & Founder - Transformers

Himanshu’s primary strength is his ability to help leaders relate to the power of the spiritual dimension in their roles.

Neetubala Raina, Head - Talent Mgmt. & L&D TIAA