Taking life lightly requires talent – one that most saints have – but most regular humans are emotional beings who can be stressed out. Sometimes, people become irritable and overwhelmed due to extreme demands in the workplace. Work stress is a common factor but should be disconnected while leading an everyday life. You may find certain things make you happy in your daily routine, while others tend to bring down your mood. People wonder how to lead a happy life despite working hard in a stressful environment. According to recent psychological findings, specific attributes in life can create improved happiness in virtually everyone’s life. A variety of research is being conducted on this positive psychology to make changes in people's lives. 

Tips to stay happy

While it is difficult to control all the factors that can cause a stressful life, there are a few things that can mitigate them.

An optimistic view

While specific projects might make you want to quit, others may bring accolades. So having an optimistic view of life can be a stressbuster. Psychologists believe that most often, stress occurs due to perception, not actual pressure – to reduce the stress factor, you need to have an optimistic outlook on life and be able to control your thoughts. Rather than thinking about how a problem might develop, it is better to directly confront them with the available resources. So, gain a positive outlook in life and face it with strength. 

Staying connected

Everyone has a happy place. Some people might have a happy place within their mind, while others have specific activities that make them comfortable. For example, some people like playing with their children, or do a spontaneous activity like getting drenched in the rain. Whatever makes them instantly happy. So, if you have such a source of happiness, keep them near you. A healthy relationship with the people at home is an excellent source of happiness – hence, try to maintain a positive and mutually respectful relationship with your family members, or friends, or whomever you live with. 

With the current busy lifestyle and the stress factors existing in work and life, it is essential to have quick routes for happiness to restore the positive feelings within your mind. So, understand what makes you happy and raise your spirits by practising it regularly. 

Remove energy drainers

Certain factors in your life can drain your energy. So, removing them can be the best path for happiness. These energy drainers can be a person with negative energy or a messy desk, which can make you tired when you look at it. Sometimes, even a simple object can instantly bring down your mood. So, be aware of these energy drainers and work on removing them from your daily activities, so that you can develop a peaceful mind.

Along with these factors, it is also essential for you to allocate time and resource for the things in life that can energise and calm you too. An ice cream in the evening, a long walk, or just listening to music - continue doing it regardless of the consequences, if it boosts your mental state of mind. It could save a lot of time which otherwise may be wasted due to stress.