“Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.” - Greg Harris

A winning organisational culture flourishes on empathy, nurturing and most importantly - happyness! It is led by managers and CEOs who truly connect with the way their people feel and can trigger an adrenaline rush within their people, so that everyone feels excited about the work they do and the value they bring to the organisation.

We live in an increasingly interconnected, yet disconnected world. While technology has created a sense of hyper connection, lack of interest and investment from leadership has left many people feeling disconnected from their work.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for leadership to start investing in their people, to show them that they are cared for - giving them a sense of purpose and belonging.With changing norms around working remotely and evolving workplace dynamics, it is vital to alleviate their well-beingin your organisation and transform the outlook of your people and their behaviour.

“The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.” - Tom Peters

Adaptive business leaders are investing in people analytics and workplace assessments for a deeper understanding of their people and quantify intangible metrics like happyness, which keep people connected to the organisation. Pragmatic leaders understand that happy people are not just assets; they make up the backbone of your organisation!

"Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first." - Angela Ahrendts

What we do?

We measure the level of happyness in organisations and create customised solutions to help you boost employee happyness. We nurture organisations to make their employees feel valued, understood and respected.

Here’s a peek into what we do to bring about a permanent change in your work environment:

  • Stressed

    Two-thirds of full-time workers are dealing with burnout at some point while at work

  • Lack of Empowered

    Your future leaders need to have the empathy and people-skills to make people happy

  • Outdated Work

    Keeping up with numerous people and their challenges can be a herculean task

How do we help?

Using our proprietary tool, we assess people at the individual and organisational level by conducting periodic happyness audits

We use insights from these results to develop targeted solutions that boost people happyness effectively.

“Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield." — Marcus Buckingham

Empowering the CEO (Chief Evolved Officer)

Using our signature digital platform, we empower leaders to pursue decisions backed by insightful data obtained from their people, which helps to focus on the longevity of a happy work culture. Our model draws on rigorous research and behavioural analysis, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, so that you don’t need a team of data scientists to understand your business and your team.

At, we have the necessary tools and experience to help you improve the happyness quotient of your organisation. Our exclusive assessment platform and expertise enables you to identify areas of improvement, thereby creating a sustainable path towards the happyness journey for your people.

How we create happyness?

We are here to work alongside you, to create an organisational culture where:










Happy People = Happy Customers =
Success (individual and organizational)
People First
Reflective (feel & think)
Individual & Org Insights

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Step 1: Measuring the
Happyness Quotient

Robust Backend

Having tied up with one of the world’s leading human insights company, The happyness Index UK, we are able to leverage their experience using cutting-edge technology to obtain accurate insights to help organisations transform.

Optimised Assessment Design

Our platform and periodic happyness audits have been carefully designed by an interdisciplinaryteam of workplace psychologists, behavioural scientists and data analysts. With our deep understanding and experience, our assessment has been programmed in a way to obtain maximum insight using the least amount of time spent and continuous involvement by your people.

We are huge advocates of quality over quantity! This ensures that it is quicker for your staff to participate, and it is easier for you to measure and understand the data.

Highly Usable Output & Reports

Every module on the assessmentplatform has its own standardised report and an online dashboard that provides a range of data visualisations and benchmark comparisons.Each unique report is automatically generated – meaning you can spend more time on delivering actions while we focus on the analysis and reporting. The reports have been designed to be visually appealing, including a range of charts, graphs, word clouds and many more, ensuring that anyone can interpret the data and make empathetic action plans. Together, we create a long-term strategy to combat the issues identified and consistently work towards making the environment more inclusive and happier!

“The role of the CEO is to enable people to excel, help them discover their own wisdom, engage themselves entirely in their work, and accept responsibility for making change.” – Vineet Nayar

Step 2: Measure And Repeat

We track your organisation’s progress by repeating our data gathering process at periodic intervals.

This approach, when combined with real-time analysis, gives us a comparative study of your progress over the previous happyness audit over a period of eight quarters. At the end of our initial two year partnership, we would have transformed your workplace, with people happyness as its core mission.

We help you build a happy organisation!

  • We Listen before
    You Act

    Act without quantified insights from your people, you may be guessing. We help you identify and create solutions to visualise and implement the changes that your people crave!

  • Happyness

    Happyness is contagious, and we help you spread the cheer. By truly understanding people concerns and responding to them through our happyness measurement tool we create a happyness domino effect!

  • Sustained and Continuous

    Measuring happyness is a continuous process, so we do periodic assessments to gauge people sentiment and improve people experience. Doing this repeatedly ensures that it becomes a sustained dialogue

“Growth itself contains the germ of happyness” — Pearl S. Buck

Step 3: Delivering Solutions

We leverage the information gained from our happyness audits to provide real-time recommendations and solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements.

The solutions we provide include specific calls to action for your organisation in order to bridge the gaps that we find in our data analysis. This process of continuous monitoring help you develop a winning strategy towards happy people and a flourishing work culture.

Our team also assists you to evangelise the happyness mission with a communication and launch strategy to create excitement around the happyness journey. Complete onboarding is also taken care of us, seamlessly - including data collection and validation, to ensure there are no teething issues.

Let us work together towards the happyness and well-being of people at work and organisations. Reach out to us to kickstart your happyness journey!

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